Face tells you how they feel in a spur of moment but at the same time can act as a jinx. We are brought up this way where layers of faces are not divulged and swept under the rug by the very fact that giant of people are watching over you. So, their EYE shapes your LIFE. She, the SPECIAL He, with calmness on her face presents herself irrespective of agony, deploration, kvetch & demurs. Her face is the face of the House thus should be clean, beautiful, attractive and elegant. Again, why it is??? coz those peoples EYE have shaped the minds of the people, called Family, she is living with. Her right to feel that it’s okay to accept how she feels, to show what she feels is taken away and thus her right to breath is deceased. Everyday a different layer is formed and it’s carrying on the only difference is it get thicker with days thus forming a pile of known yet unknown colors. The difference between Others and SHE is former’s layer of mask is detachable hence wear it according to their convenience mostly when in the world of EYE but She has to make it the part of her life and wear it constantly even when she is with her People (family). This layer is not restricted to her face but slowly slathered on her body to soul. She has become the victim of EYE and thus victim of her people who takes her FACE as a body part but not as her Reflection. SHE, thus, have always to wear this necklace of wounds with pride despite of her devastated self to be perceived by all as a goddess coz if she takes out it can become a jinx of reality which apparently no one wants to face thus hurting her more. Her necklace is for sure unique and unseen which is not full of pearls rather full of broken pieces of trust, thriving to survive in free air, to be taken also as a living being, made up of thread of confidence yet shinning. Still one thing that remains enact is HER HEART which still has lots of love, compassion & selflessness for ‘her people’ & HER EYE’S doleful. But even now SHE is panglossian.